28 Days of Movement and Prime Day!

Summer is in full swing and with a preschooler and an infant, it’s super hard to find time to work out. But I know myself and unless I intentionally move, I get super cranky and nobody wants to be around me. 🙂

Thank goodness Barre3 has come to my rescue, once again. I started doing B3 workouts when I was pregnant with my first son. They’re amazing. The workout is a combo of pilates, yoga, and ballet barre that gets your muscles shaking and quaking. It’s also great because I can do them in my own home with some 2 pounds weights and a chair.

Anyways, they’re currently doing a B3 Anywhere summer challenge of 28 days of movement. To join in, just intentionally move for 28 days. That’s it! Even if it’s a quick 10-minute B3 workout or short walk around the block, it counts and you’ve done something for yourself.

Yesterday I did two 10-minute B3 workouts. Today I slept through my alarms (surprise, surprise) and will take a walk with my dog at lunch.

And in honor of barre workouts at home and Amazon Prime day, below are deals to get you started working out from home! You really don’t need that much

Two pound weights are all you need for barre workouts.

You need a good yoga mat so your feet don’t slip.

Exercise balls are used certain moves to build core strength and even support your back.Exercise bands are optional, really, but do help you stretch and work your muscles deeper.Besides a chair that I’m sure you can find in your dining room or office, that’s about all you need to get started with barre workouts at home. Easy peasy and they make you feel so good. Let me know if you try them!

Have a great day!



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