It’s Been Downhill Since Monday

If only it was that easy!

On Monday, I was on top of it all. I made lunches Sunday night, I worked out at 5 am, and I was showered by the time I had to wake up the preschooler/teenager for school. I was Wonder Mom!

On Tuesday, I slept in. Still managed to shower! But I applied so much dry shampoo that my hair was white and turned oily in the afternoon. It wasn’t pretty, guys.

Today, I slept in again. Showered, again, before 6:30 and I blow dried my hair this time! I didn’t get my workout in, though. I wanted to do barre, but it looks like I’ll be walking at lunch instead. Which isn’t so bad, I just wanted more.

I’ve definitely had to learn how to be flexible after becoming a mom. I’m a planner and I get very uncomfortable when things don’t go as planned and when schedules get off course. As a mom, I have to realize that I’m just more tired and busy than I used to be, and that’s okay. Life is crazy and not like it was in my early twenties.

This week is just one of those where I have to go with the flow and figure things out on the fly. A walk instead of a barre workout isn’t the end of the world. I mean, I get to spend extra time with my dog! There’s always tomorrow for more. 🙂

How do you deal with life’s schedule changes, either big or small?