Healthier Everyday S’mores Alternatives

Happy┬áNational S’mores Day!

S’mores are essential in my house during the summer. My husband makes them over his fire pit. But he’s so hardcore that he also makes them regularly in the microwave after dinner. He’s a s’mores addict.

Now I certainly can’t eat them as often as my husband. I’d gain 5 pounds in a week. Not cool. I do, however, frequent s’more flavored treats that are a bit less in Weight Watcher points. Here are some of my favorites!

My favorite bar, by far (HEY, I’m rhyming) is the Clif Kid Z Bar. These are marketed to kids, but I love them myself. In fact, not even sure my kid has even had them. I tend to hoard them and eat them all in secret.

Luna Bars! I love these bars. I lived off Luna Bars when I was in college. The s’mores flavor has always been one of my favorites.For a quick meal replacement, I like Think Thin bars. I wouldn’t eat these everyday, but they’re good in a pinch. The s’mores flavor is one of the better ones.This candle just makes me happy. And it’s calorie free! ­čÖé In my opinion, Bath and Body Works candles are starting to surpass Yankee Candles. AH! There, I said it.

Now, I don’t own this pillow, but it sure is cute. I would totally snuggle with it.So there you have it. Enjoy National S’mores Day any way you want. Splurge and have the real deal, or snuggle with a s’mores scented pillow. Either way, enjoy the summer while it’s still here!